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Cost-Saving and Quality-Enhancing Communication Solutions.


About TS Telecom

TS Telecom was created after COVID hit by Tim and Shelly Sheehan. After being in Business and Communications for over 30 years, they recognized the need for change - affordable solutions, at a wholesale price. TS Telecom offers a variety of Telecommunication services priced for businesses to succeed.


Telecom Solutions

Cost-Saving Solutions for your Telecom needs come in the form of PRI's, Single-Business Lines and Internet Phone Lines. Telecom can be complicated, let us help you figure your needs and optimize your communications.

Internet Services

Pure Fibre and ADSL are two most common Internet Services, each based by location. Are your Internet needs being served? How can we improve your Internet quality and your savings?

Phone Bill Audit

Simply put, Phone Bills are often complicated - complete with additional fees, and confusing language. Let us take care of your Phone Bill costs and services, and you focus on building your business.

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